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I'm Goddess Madison and I love cocksuckers, Are you one? Or have you fantasized about being one? Whether you're experienced or just cock curious, I love to explore cock sucking with men.

I dated a man who was bi and he loved sucking a fat cock for me. He knew how much it turned me on to see a man on his knees sucking a dick and taking it deep. I have to admit, I found it adorable when he would gag, but I would encourage him to keep going. A good cocksucker doesn't give up on his dreams and desires to please a thick fat cock.

I can be your Goddess of encouragement, whether it is giving you a push to suck that first cock or pushing your head down further when you think you can't take it any deeper. I bet you're getting excited just reading those words, aren't you? Are you finding yourself licking your lips already? I bet you're eager to get started aren't you! Don't worry. I am here to help you pursue your goals of being the best cocksucker you can be.

Practice makes perfect and for you that means a perfect cocksucker. I have many creative ways to have you practice your cocksucking skills. Some things you may have thought and some things may surprise you.

Are you ready to learn how to be an extraordinary cockcucker? I'm sure you're already turned on thinking about that fat head hitting the back of your throat. You know what's next, Call me and let the cocksucking fantasies come to life.