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Sure, you can ask me about the last cock I sucked, but we both know why your asking. It has nothing to do with my pleasing that cock, but more your curiosity about what its like to please a cock. You tell me you're just wondering what it would be like to get a blow job from me but that little hesitancy in your voice tells me you'd rather be on your knees in front of that throbbing member, envisioning my lips as your lips. Do you think they would quiver, as they are now, just thinking about it?

Maybe it's time we shed some of those nerves with a few little introductions to cock sucking. Don't worry, nothing too crazy. Well, in my world, its nothing too crazy, anyway. We can do simple, small steps that will have your dropping to your knees like a pro in no time. Maybe not that sort of pro, but someone eager to slurp on a cock and enjoy the sensation of something thick gliding over their lips.

I am not gonna go into exact details here. I am a sensual tease and you will be calling. I will give instructions on sucking a cock tailored to your level of curiosity. Some may be at that, "oh I couldn't even dream about it but I want talk about it" phase, while others are "ohhh yes, I want slip something against my lips and deep down my throat." I don't give the same instructions to each person because that wouldn't be fair. When you call, make sure you let me know just how experienced of a cock sucker you are. I would hate to treat you like a newbie when you are definitely not.