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I love making men do dirty things. Let's just say it even turns me on, because it most certainly does. Sucking cock is typically so taboo in our society that no one talks about it, especially straight men. I think most straight men have thought about sucking cock at one time or another, but, I'm the kind of girl that makes men aware of their cock sucking fantasies and I love watching and making them do it. Why? Because you and I BOTH know that is what you really should be doing because you have thought about for so long. Haven't you?

Yes, you could say I'm naughty, and I'm spoiled and I usually get my way. It's almost like I'm a Queen and if I want you to suck cock sheerly for my entertainment, then it shall be done! As you do so as I make sure you're doing exactly what you need to do, then, I'll let you finish him off as I watch and get wet and excited at my own creation. I molded you exactly as I wanted to mold you. I made you what you have always wanted to be : a cock sucker, and a good one at that!

Not only that, you want to please me don't you? When you look at me when you have a cock in your mouth - you'll see me smiling, and nod with approval. I'll always make sure you'll be a good cock sucker as it's in your nature to please a cock, and your new rule will be: if you make it hard, you have to take care of it.

So, let?s agree on something right now - we both know what you think about, and you know that you?d like to call me and push you to think about it more, or actually do it!