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What is a Size Queen? Are You a Size Queen?

As a connoisseur of the cock, I prefer mine to be big when I'm having sex, or I am sucking on one. Does that make me a size Queen? Of course it does! What about you? Are you a size Queen?

A bona fide (or boner-fide) size Queen loves cock and the bigger the better. In fact, size Queens are always on the look out for bigger, thicker cocks that they can play with. If you love to suck cock, play with it, and marvel at how tiny your hand (or even your own cock) is next to a big ten inch cock - then you are also probably a size Queen!

What constitutes as a big cock and what fits best for a size Queen? Average cock size is generally around 5-6 inches in length, but generally, anything 8 inches or larger is what a size Queen typically looks for. So are you a size Queen?

Consider this: when you are watching porn, do you look for porn that has the biggest cocks you can find? Do you find that you are sucking on bigger and bigger dildos, or that you, as a cock sucker, are wanting to find the most massive, biggest cocks to play with? If so, you are most definitely a size Queen and you should wear your crown proudly!

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