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Size Queens

You’ve heard this phrase used again and again in porn, talking with Mistresses or just in general discussion with the guys about what women love. All men know about size queens, because all men are hoping to one day attract one, because that would mean your cock passes her inspection and has been deemed large! Even those of you who know that you are never going to get a size queen to want you, have hope that someday you might just get lucky. Men are like that and we know it! They keep hoping that it will grow or something, but the unique thing about you guys here at Suck Patrol is that some of you are Size Queens too!

What Is A Size Queen?

This seems like a pretty obvious question and answer, but some people really do get confused about it. As a connoisseur of the cock, I prefer mine to be big when I'm having sex. I am very choosey and let’s face it, I’m hot and can be picky! Any guy who wants to be with me, has to be able to show me what he’s working with and don’t mean under a microscope. That makes me a typical, though I’m anything but typical, Size Queen. We love ‘em big! The bigger the better is usually our motto and if your cock doesn’t measure up you won’t get to be with us, either fucking or sucking. Oh it’s not that we couldn’t be with you if your cock is small. Size Queens are still nice and tight, but the thing is, we don’t want to be with you if you don’t have a big cock.

A bona fide (or boner-fide) size Queen loves cock. We aren’t man haters in fact we want only REAL men. Those little tiny things that you have to measure to try to feel good about yourself, we have no use for those. In fact, size Queens are always on the look-out for bigger, thicker cocks that they can play with. But what is a big cock? When we say big, what do we mean? Personally, I think if you have to ask then it’s not you! But in all honesty, I know what you really want to know. What constitutes as a big cock and what fits best for a size Queen? They say that an average cock size is generally around 5-6 inches in length, (though the largest cock around is fourteen inches and the smallest is one inch, so that sounds like 7 would be middle ground) It is generally acknowledged that, anything 8 inches or larger is a big cock, and therefore what a size Queen typically looks for. Some like it even larger than that, while for others eight is plenty big enough.

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Are You a Size Queen?

So, now on to you! You are a man, but you love to suck cock. You like to play with it and marvel at how hard it is to wrap your hand all the way around a big cock. Maybe you have even been shocked by how tiny your own cock looks next to a big ten inch one! If this has happened to you then you are also probably a size Queen, too! Especially if the thought of that much bigger dick gets you all turned on! What if it makes you want to drop to your knees and open your mouth? Well then you are not only a size queen, but also a cock slut!

Still not sure if you are truly the male version of a Size Queen? Well then consider this: when you are watching porn, do you look for porn that has the biggest cocks you can find? Do you notice that the large dildo you have never seems quite big enough and you are always at the sex store buying bigger and bigger dildos to suck on? Or maybe you have found that you, as a cock sucker, are wanting to get your lips around the most massive, biggest cock you can find? Do you daydream about encountering someone with a huge thick dick for you to suck? If you answered yes to ANY of these then you are most definitely a size Queen and you should wear your crown proudly! There’s nothing wrong with being a Size Queen, all the hottest women are, so you’re in good company!

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