Straight, Married Cocksucker

by Mistress Erika of


You are here because you are wrestling with being a straight, married cocksucker.  That is a guy married to someone of the opposite gender. Coupled with always presenting a heterosexual lifestyle. So why do you have these gay, cock sucking fantasies?

I know it probably started with being a bit cock curious, and that never troubled you. We are human, after all.  We are curious about how we compare to others. Only natural, right? But at some point that curiosity grew into a full-blown, cock-centered desire!


Straight, Married Cocksucker. What Does It Mean If I Want To Suck Dick?


I know you are searching for answers to what it means that you find it erotic to please a penis. Who are you, besides a responsible married man who has an almost insatiable lust for cock?  Regardless, you are not looking to end your relationship. Equally, your lovely spouse would never understand that you are a straight, married cocksucker.

Until now, you’ve always worn the pants in the relationship. Would she see you differently all of a sudden?  On the other hand, is this just a phase and, perhaps, your lust will fade over time? Yes, that must be it. You are really stressed lately and your brain is looking for an escape!

While it’s true our big brains have funny ways of relieving stress in odd ways, I have to tell you that, from my experience, this isn’t a phase. This desire is with you forever. Now, what are you going to do about it?

I know some of you are searching for someone who gets you and your uncomfortable situation. That’s a great way to manage your desires. But, there are other things to consider, including some answers about your sexuality. Let’s take a look at Married, Straight Cock Suckers!


When You Realized Your Cock Curiosity Turned Into Something More


I am sure you were doing a lot of introspection, straight, married cocksucker. Is your relationship a beard to mask your true desires? Am I Gay if I want to suck a cock? Am I Bi-sexual? How would your social circle act or react to that news, that you are Gay or Bi? I know these thoughts and more are running through your head on an almost constant loop. Until you make peace with your desires, you will be tormented by them.

First, you try to rationalize. You don’t FEEL gay.  Furthermore, you love Women.  Their curves, their energy still excites you.  In that case, are you Bi-sexual? You don’t necessarily want anything more from an encounter than to just give a guy a blow job!

Undeniably, it is confusing when you consider the messages we get from “the world.”  You are either straight or gay.  If you are gay you want sex with the same gender. Very black and white, simplistic, right?  One thing I know about us humans.  We are not as simplistic as Black and White.  There are various shades of grey!

You Don’t Have To Be Gay Or Bi-sexual

You can be a straight cock sucker! It’s true, there are many motivations for men to suck cock and they are not all about being gay. The phallus is a symbol of power in our western culture. Representing strength and life giving energy!

Who wouldn’t want to harness that? So your cock sucking desires may stem from a need to submit, to please another, while worshiping/pleasing that symbol of power in real life form! Sometimes, it’s the mere fact that a married, heterosexual guy sucking cock is taboo that is the impetus to the behavior. Being naughty is arousing!


Straight, Married Cocksucker: Bro-Blow


Bro blow.  Have you heard of it? That’s when two hetero guys just “help each other out.” Or one helps the other! They don’t want anything more than to get off. YOU get that.

Guys, more so than women, get the “it is just an orgasm,” thing.  And that there is no desire to change the relationship from friendship to something else. No strings attached.


Straight, Married Cocksucker, Submissive Cock Sucker


Maybe the act of orally serving a cock has its roots in your submissive nature. That is to say, just the need to give up control, and please another. It doesn’t mean you are gay. Doesn’t mean you want to kick women to the curb.

But feeling that feminine energy encouraging you, compelling you, to suck cock is always in your fantasies. To obey her and please her by sucking cock is the most erotic for you. You are a submissive cocksucker who was made to suck cock!


Dominant Women Understand Your Cock Sucking Desires


That’s why you come to us, the Mistresses of Suck Patrol, to find that acceptance and understanding. We know you need to keep your heterosexual lifestyle and we help you balance your naughty, closeted, cock sucking desires. With an understanding mindset, and experience on how to push those erotic buttons, you just might find yourself playing that penis flute in no time!

Of course, we can remain in fantasy. Perhaps roleplay your hottest cock sucking fantasy! To have that feminine energy is intoxicating.  Pushing you, compelling you. Perhaps, it’s so intoxicating because others just don’t get you, We do. We get you, straight, married cocksucker.