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If you’re going to do something, you might as well do it great, right?
Here’s some quick, simple tips how to be memorable at sucking cock:

Make sure everything stays wet!

It sounds obvious, right? After all, you ARE using your mouth. It seems like
the most obvious thing about how to
suck cock
, but it’s easily neglected. Make sure to keep swallowing so
that your mouth stays wet…and thus, so does that cock!

Use that tongue!

Sure, we call it “sucking”, but really, it’s sucking AND licking. Lick the
cock, tease it a bit before you start sucking, and while you’re at it, don’t
neglect the balls while sucking cock! Once you’ve got it in your mouth,
KEEP licking! In fact, your tongue should never really stop moving, except

Down the hatch!

…the cock is in your throat. Yes, guys really do want you to deep throat.
That doesn’t necessarily mean you should just yet…what makes it hot for a
guy is when you seem totally comfortable with it, when you enjoy pleasing
him, instead of when you do it and hate it and it shows!

Make noise!

You remember hearing about hummers at some point in your life, right? Don’t
be cheesy and literally try to hum, but make noises! Moan! Really it’s no
different than sex; your partner needs to HEAR that you’re enjoying what
you’re doing. Plus, he actually will feel the vibration. And we all love
vibration, don’t we?

Make eye contact!

This one may vary based upon your situation; sissy boys, be on notice. This one is a
must for any good female cocksucker, so I expect you to do it well, too. All
men like when women do this, and so does your strapon mistress! Look
up at your partner; literally look into their eyes. You’ve seen women do it
in porn. In most situations, you should do this, too; it just may be
inappropriate in some coerced cock sucking situations.

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