A lot of cock suckers want to be cum eaters, but just can’t quite make the leap to full on jizz drinking.

There’s a trick to learning to eat cum well, and behavioral modification can help you go from dreaming about being a cum eater to actually lapping up jizz with enthusiasm. There are a few steps that you’ll need to follow, and not deviate from, because these steps are designed to be efficient and are very goal oriented. To start, you’ll need some supplies: a realistic dildo, a bowl with tight-fitting cover, and a slightly larger bowl, as well as towels to clean any spilled messes.

Step one to eating cum: save one load of cum.

You start by masturbating as normal, only when you orgasm, you’re going to aim for the bowl with the lid, so you can save that load for future training sessions. It is helpful if you also suck on your dildo while you masturbate. From this point on, you’ll be saving your cum until you eat it, so a bowl with a volume around 1 cup or so is useful. Every time you touch yourself, get horny, masturbate, or watch porn, you’re going to do so with that dildo in your mouth, and if you orgasm, you’ll save it in your bowl.

Step two to learning to eat cum: jizz flavored dildo!

Store your cum in the fridge so it doesn’t spoil. To warm it, use your larger bowl, filled with warm water. Float the bowl of jizz in the warm water until it’s also warmed. When you masturbate, dip your dildo into the cum and lick it off. Get used to the taste of a cock with cum on it by repeatedly dipping the dildo into the cum and eating it off. Congrats, you’ve tasted your own cum!

Step three: eat a load of cum.

At this point, you’ve learned to associate having a dildo or cock in your mouth with sexual pleasure, as well as to associate the taste of cum with pleasure. From here, it’s very easy. When you feel yourself getting close to orgasm, lower your dildo to your cock, cum on the dildo, and then immediately lick it off. You’ve now eaten a hot fresh load of cum. You’re a cum eater!

If you’d like one on one instructions in becoming a cum eater, I’m always happy to help out!

Listen to some instructions from Ms. Harper.


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