Training A Cocksucker


You may not believe this, but it’s really quite easy to turn almost any submissive man into a skilled and eager cocksucker. That’s not to say that the steps of doing so are set in stone. They have to be altered for each individual, of course. But, as a rule, creating a slave who is good at pleasing other men with his mouth is fairly easy in the grand scheme of things. Training a cocksucker can be very rewarding.


The very first thing a Mistress should do when she starts thinking coerced bi training is a good idea for her slave is to talk to him about the subject. Yes, it sounds lame. Yes, it might not be as sexually arousing as just springing it on him at random, but nothing puts a damper on a hot scene quite like a slave having a panic attack because you’ve sprung something on him that he wasn’t expecting. So to avoid that, a Mistress should always communicate with her slave beforehand.


So, yes, you should always talk with your slave beforehand. That way, you’ll know how he feels about the subject and if he has any particular mental blocks to overcome in order to become a good cocksucker for you.


How To Create A Good Cocksucking Slut


Once you’ve spoken with your slave about it, the next thing to do is to begin acclimating him to the idea of sucking cock. There are several ways to do this, but my favorite is through the use of my strap-on. I love being a strap-on Femdom, anyway, so why not kill two birds with one stone?


Strap-on training works extraordinarily well to this end. You can start simply by having him kneel and jerk your strap-on dildo as if he’s jerking off a cock. I like to have my slaves do this while stroking their own dicks. It seems to serve as a good way to break the ice that’s not too intimidating to begin with.


When you’re sure he doesn’t have a problem with giving your strap-on handjobs, the next step, of course, is having him take it in his mouth. I find that having him lick it before sucking it works as a good way to ease him into his first cocksucking experience (even if it is with a synthetic penis). For the ultra-reluctant, you can always coat it in chocolate syrup or honey or something of the sort.


Once he’s comfortable with taking it in his mouth, you can begin with the cock sucking lessons. Generally, once you get to this point, they’re pretty willing to follow all your instructions. Simply teach him how to suck it in the proper way, and you’ve completed this phase of his training!

As an aside, if you find he’s having problems learning to deep-throat, give him a dildo of his own and have him practice when he’s alone. This takes some of the pressure off of him and helps him learn to swallow down a huge cock on his own.


Substituting A Real Cock For A Strap-On


If you’ve gotten your slave to this point, congratulations! You’re more than halfway to having your very own coerced cock sucking (or perhaps not-so-coerced) slut!


All that’s left to do now is to find a real penis for your slave to suck. You probably already have someone in mind. Again, even though this piece of advice will probably be a buzzkill to your sexual fantasies, the best way to go about handling it is to let your slave meet the other man before the big day with no expectations whatsoever. Give him time to get comfortable with the other man, and you’ll have far fewer problems when the day actually arrives.


Once you’ve done all these things, it’s time to do what you’ve been aiming for all along: watch your slave suck cock!


When the big day arrives, the best thing to do is to repeat the same steps you used when training him to suck your strap-on. This will help reduce any of his first time cocksucking jitters. If he has a routine to fall back on, he doesn’t have time to worry about being nervous or anything like that. Simply have him go through the handjob, licking, and sucking phases, and he’ll be just fine!


Congratulations, my Femdom Mistress friend. You’ve successfully trained your first cocksucking slave boy!


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