What’s So Humiliating About Coerced Bi?


Are you one of those men who likes to research and read about things that turn you on? If so, you’ve likely heard a good bit about coerced bi and its close relationship with erotic humiliation. This seems to be a popular topic for erotica writers and readers alike. But you may not have heard much about why men find coerced bi to be so humiliating. That’s what this piece is going to try to do. It’s going to educate you on why and how coerced bi and humiliation always seem to go hand-in-hand.

Are you a man who’s completely comfortable with his sexuality and fantasies? If so, the idea of any sexual fantasy being thought of as taboo might be absurd. Adding humiliation increases your confusion. But that is if you are sexually secure.

What if you are a man who’s ashamed of his fantasies? You might find yourself baffled, wondering why this particular fantasy with men triggers such an intense reaction. However, stopping the immediate erotic bodily reactions is impossible.

The History Of Male Bisexuality

Let’s look at history. The idea of homosexuality or bisexuality as a sexual orientation is actually a fairly new concept. That’s not to say that men having sex with men (or women having sex with women) didn’t exist. It only means that it was viewed as an incident rather than an orientation. In other words, if you were to suck another man’s cock in days gone by, you would not be considered a bisexual or gay man. You simply participated in a homosexual activity.

With the rise of bisexuality and homosexuality as orientations, rather than as acts, men and women alike became more aware of what might make them look “gay” in the eyes of others. This anxiety about what might appear to be “gay” is what, ultimately, makes coerced cocksucking and coerced bi fantasies a source of humiliation for many men.

Why might a man find the thought of being “gay” disconcerting? Well, generally, when one thinks of a gay or bisexual man, the first thing that comes to mind is an effeminate man who is not taken seriously by anyone and is often mocked by others. No man wants to lose his masculinity or the appearance of masculinity, so he keeps his secret hidden away where no one can find out about it.

Cocksucking Fantasies Surface

Eventually, however, these fantasies of his will resurface. In order to make them a little more palatable, he may turn them into fantasies in which a Femdom Mistress “makes” him suck another man’s cock. He feels that if the choice is ostensibly not his own, then it’s ok for him to give into this fantasy. If he’s doing it because a Mistress wants him to, then, in his mind, he’s doing it to please her rather than to get any sort of sexual satisfaction out of it for himself. Nine times out of ten, this is complete nonsense, but it does describe the way the thought process tends to work.

So, if a man hides his fantasies for fear of being or appearing gay and only allows them to come to the surface in the context of “coerced bi,” what does that mean? It means that a Mistress, if she so chooses, may make his coerced bi experiences very humiliating. Verbal humiliation, for example, is often an important part of these sorts of fantasies. The Mistress may call the man a “fag” or a “queer” or a “fairy” or any number of degrading names while she helps him indulge his deepest, darkest fantasy.

When Coerced Bi Humiliation Becomes Fun

Many men find that, due to the “taboo” nature of these fantasies, the humiliation excites them. The act of being aroused by cocksucking, or being fucked, begets humiliation.  But the humiliation only increases the arousal they experience. Ultimately, the humiliation and arousal feed off one another. A Mistress may choose to use this to her advantage, or she may not.

Are you the type who gets off on the humiliation of enjoying another man’s cock? Or do you get plenty of satisfaction just from the cock itself? It takes all kinds to enjoy coerced bi phone sex. There’s not a right or wrong way to do so!