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Why I Think So Many Straight Men Are Into Sucking Cock

...and, How You Can Use Phone Sex to Scratch Your Cocksucking Itch (Without Actually Sucking a Cock)

by Ms. Courtney of

I have spoken to, quite literally, thousands of men in my career as a phone sex Mistress. Being able to listen to their stories of how their kinks, fetishes, secret desires and dark fantasies came to be is endlessly fascinating. But more importantly, each personís story, when pieced together with the other stories, forms a mosaic. I would say a good 95 percent of the men that I talk to that want to suck cock are straight and married with children. However, this desire just keeps coming back again and again. I didnít have to ask myself why, because the picture that formed in my mind, the picture made up of all of the sexual histories of the men that I have talked to, made the question ďwhy?Ē pretty crystal clear.

Coerced CockSucking that is Secretly Enjoyed

Let me give you an example of what I mean. I am going use a fictitious person named, Bob, but Bob could be any one of you. And in fact, you may see some similarities between your experiences and Bobís. Bob was a shy young man. He was awkward and unsure of himself, but one thing he did know, is that he was horny all of the time. But being that Bob was awkward and shy around girls, he didnít have any options but masturbation. That is until one day; Bob was hanging out with some older young men, perhaps young men who could be a bit on the bullying side. One thing led to another, and before you know it, Bob is on his knees staring at one of the older young men's cocks. The older young man is demanding that he suck it, and if he doesnít, he will tell everyone that Bob did it anyway. Sound vaguely familiar?

Horny and Curious about Sexuality

Hereís another example: Two young men of the same age are having a sleep over, with all that that entails. One of the young men has some sexy magazines he stole out from under his folksí bed. They might even be in a makeshift fort in their bedroom, looking at the magazines with a flashlight and giggling nervously about seeing a woman naked. They get turned on, naturally. And they decide to masturbate together. Maybe it stops there, maybe it doesnít. Maybe next they decide to jerk each other off. Then, one of them gets the bright idea to have the other one suck him off. See how easy this can escalate? As one of my callers so aptly put it, ďWe played with each other, until the girls came along.Ē Meaning, we were as horny as fuck, and didnít have anyone to play with but each other. So we turned to each other, as sexual playmates.

Coerced by an Authority Figure

Then there is always the scenario where a young man is, unfortunately, taken advantage of by a person in authority. That kind of sexual imprinting is extremely powerful for a young man, and brands his sexuality in a way that nothing else will in the years to come.

Sexual First Impressions

In all of these scenarios, the young man doing the sucking is receiving a powerful ďdrugĒ if you will. A drug called sex. Itís an amazing high. You are having your first sexual experience with another human being! You are actually giving the other person an orgasm. Itís such a rush, and it gets its hooks in you so much, that even though your sexual orientation is straight, you will always have the desire to suck a cock, because that was your first sexual experience. I know from my advanced studies in human sexuality that our first sexual experiences mold and shape our sexuality in a way that nothing else will, as it is our first sexual impression.

So what can you do about it? Sucking cock can be a very rewarding and amazing experience, if you are at liberty to do it. But if you are not single and care free with a wife and kids to think about, what are you to do? Well, that is where a good relationship with a Mistress can come in very handy. There are a lot of risks out there. I am going to outline them here for those of you who may actually be toying with the idea of going out there and sucking a cock. I donít mean to scare you out of it, I merely wish to point out the risks, which are well within your rights to take, if you so wish.

Why Phone Sex is Best for Your Cocksucking Fantasies

I know someone personally who has been arrested at least three times for approaching undercover officers for anonymous gay sex in public restrooms. If he gets arrested again, he will have to go in the national registry of sex offenders. This man is a pillar of the community with a wife and family. Can you imagine the shame and the horror of having to be on that registry? Totally not worth it. Thatís not to mention the diseases and the danger you put yourself in when you are sucking cock. Some men are so terrified of their desires to be with other men, that they will turn around and beat up the man who just sucked him off. The world can be a very scary place.

So how do you fulfill the desire to suck a cock without really sucking one? If you purchase a toy, or use some phallic object around the house, you can call a Mistress and she can set up a beautifully sexy, cocksucking scenario for you, while you follow along with your toy. If your wife has a toy, you can use hers when you get some time alone in the house. I always suggest buying a locking briefcase and wrapping the toy in something soft and keeping it in the briefcase. No one would think twice about a man carrying a briefcase. Iím sure you could think of a good hiding place for your toy, or, like I said; improvise with a vegetable or some such thing. Itís much better to be safe than sorry! I like to think of phone sex, as the safest sex you can have!

Finally, it can be a huge relief just to talk to someone who cares and understands. The Mistresses at are very understanding and caring. It can actually be very cathartic to just talk to someone about your experiences and desires. Never underestimate the power of confession!