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Why You Crave Cock

by Ms. Meredith of

It could be that you are curious. You wonder what it would be like and your fantasies get the best of you. Maybe you had an experience and your mind runs wild with possibilities. Perhaps you feel like something is missing from your sex life. In any case, I am here to tell you...

You are a Cock Sucker

Don't act surprised! Deep down, you know you are. So just take a moment and digest that. Now, say it with me: "I am a cocksucker". That's right, you are. So now that you have faced it, that can help explain it.

When you actually suck cock, it brings out the submissive side. It also makes you see and feel first hand what you have been missing. It is no longer a fantasy, but reality. Once you've tasted the candy, your mouth wants more!

So, once you have experienced a cock sucking experience, you want more! Does this mean you are gay? Not necessarily, but it does mean there is a side to you that needs that kind of submissive act. You enjoy oral servitude and it serves a purpose of bringing your fantasy to life.

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If You ONLY Crave Cock You Are Gay

But if you only desire cock, then its pretty obvious that yes, you are gay. How do you know for sure? You need to explore that area in your life. It also means you will not only crave cock, but crave being penetrated by a cock.

But getting back to the main question... why do you crave cock? Part of that could be the naughtiness associated with it. I mean, its a little taboo and that can be so sexually enticing!

Sucking Cock is a Submissive Act

Again, I really believe it appeals to your submissive side. Typically if you are more dominant in your everyday life, this is quite opposite of your nature, so sucking cock is really exciting!

As a woman who enjoys oral sex, both giving and receiving, I have to say that I like sucking cock. I would not say that I crave it, so you can see there is a difference here. For me, it would be part of a love making session. For you, its a walk on the naughty side, so once you have tasted the forbidden fruit, you see what its all about and you crave it even more.

Part of exciting fantasies is all about how it plays in your head. If your mind is telling you its naughty, but your body is saying "Lets do it" its hard to deny yourself, isn't it? But why not give in and go with your instincts? They are usually natural and can be sexually fulfilling.

If you are curious and open to some experimenting, it can be very good for you. But fair warning... sucking cock can be addicting! Or a dick thing, whichever way you look at it. Once you try it, you will have known what it felt like to have a hard, mouth watering dick in your mouth and that is something you will never forget. Ever!