Welcome to Pride month! To celebrate all things queer I’m going to teach you how to properly approach a trans woman and ask (nicely) to suck her cock. Remember that there’s a big difference between reality and your favorite trans cocksucking fantasy; in fantasy all sorts of things are allowed and enjoyed, but some of the stuff that make your bits go all tingly might offend the actual socks off someone if you said that out loud. I happen to think that trans women and men are damn sexy, because gender is a wonderland, and I don’t want you to upset someone when you’re coming from a place of genuine admiration and lust. So let’s talk about that cocksucking fantasy and turn it into a reality!

Your trans cocksucking fantasy might not transfer over to reality very well.

Do you have a trans cocksucking fantasy? 800 601 7259 Not all fantasies can become reality! Some things just aren’t physically possible. That dream you used to have about being able to bend your own dick around and fuck yourself in the ass? Not reality based my dear. Just like some dreams are physically impossible, some fantasies feature language that makes the evolution into reality a little bit tricky. A lot of cocksuckers love the idea of a BBC, but walk up to an actual black man and call him any of the words you use in your fantasy and you might have to carry your teeth home with you in a little baggie. Likewise, many of the words people use in a fantasy that features a trans person will not win you a visit to their genitals.

Try to avoid the more insulting terms when attempting to hook up with a beautiful trans woman.

Keep your eyes on the prize, cocksuckers. You want that delicious woman dick in your mouth, and that means learning how to ask for it very nicely. When you first approach a trans woman for a hookup, be on your very best behavior, and do not call her an insulting word or phrase to her face! Not at first, at least. Get to know her as a person, then ask if there are words you can use while sucking her cock to add a little edge to your game. Ask what words you should avoid, because everyone has different areas of discomfort. In general, try to avoid using the following words: trap, tranny, and she-male. Those are the big three. Be respectful and polite and you’ll be on your knees sucking cock for a trans woman in no time!

Still want to use those words in your trans cocksucking fantasy?

Of course you can use any words you want in a fantasy! We’re not the though police around here, you can be as downright filthy as you want in your own head. And you can call any of us and talk about your dirty trap she-male tranny cock worshiping and breeding scenario all day long. Bring the filth and perversion, the depravity, and the dirty talk, because we consent to hearing that sort of talk. You see the clear line there? Because we agree to listen and participate, you can bring your dirty words to us and enjoy your filthy fantasies. But if you want to walk up to someone on the street and start slinging that language, oh boy will you be in trouble. Of the trans ladies I know, there’s a carpenter, a philosopher, a mixed martial artist, a mathematician, and several sex workers. Guess wrong about who’s ok with being called names as a prelude to sex and you might get to enjoy another not-so-common fetish. The wrestling fetish is real, folks!

Ready to call us up and enjoy a good old fashioned cocksucking fantasy?

Don’t worry, a lot of people who are shy about sucking a man’s cock suddenly turn into eager sluts when that dick is attached to a sexy woman. If that’s you, or if you’d just like to explore the idea of giving a woman a blow job, pick up your phone and give us a call right now. We’ll have you on your knees with a dick in your mouth before you can say “trap”.

Your Trans Cocksucking Fantasy Mistress, Harper




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